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 Marketing  Services

Starter Package

Our beginner plan, which covers account setup on all platforms and basic content, is ideal for new businesses or entrepreneurs who need help building up their businesses.

Silver Package

Select three monthly services from a range of marketing offerings, such as farming services, graphic design, photo content, social media, email marketing, and direct mail.



Choose five marketing services from a range of offerings, such as direct mail, social media, email marketing, farming services, graphic design, and photo content.

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We will help you build your brand with options available for marketing designs, from banner ads, emails, logos, flyers, and postcards.

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 Social Media Posting

Stretch World Designs has social media experts ready to create interesting and appealing social media posts. Let us create and post to all your social media platforms.

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Email Marketing 

We will create and manage your email marketing campaigns for you and effectively launch them to your designated database

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Content Creation

Our graphics and social media experts will create visually appealing content for your online presence and/or marketing collateral pieces

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Paid Advertising

Digital media banners will be made for your business, followed by launching paid ad campaigns .

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Website Design

We will create a website tailored to your business and needs. If you have a domain, we are able to link your new website.

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Direct Mail

Postcards, flyers, and mailers! So many options to choose from. We take the heavy lifting of creating your mailers.

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Pick Your Services

Select one of the specified monthly services from the list of choices below. You will receive three services per month with our Silver Package, and you can select five services with our Gold Package. Feel free to change these from month to month as necessary to help your business grow.

Exclusive Designs

What Sets Us Apart

You'll be awed by the slick materials that guarantee your company looks first-rate and stands out from the competitors. Let's take your marketing with Stretch World Designs to the next level right now.

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Marketing Professionals 

Let take your company to top

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